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*Note: These projects contain confidential and proprietary information, so the details and experience for the demo is limited.  Some graphics have been altered to protect the owner. Please reach out to me directly for further information on this project!

App Simulation

This training demo was intended to give users a simulation experience for an app, only available from tablets. The training included some very custom scenarios meant to help users feel like they’re entering data for patients, without the actually needing patients present. It’s better for the users to make mistakes and learn from them in the training, rather than in the field.

The training included some install and procedure videos for equipment, screen captures that allowed users to interact with every feature accessible within the app and custom paths for three patients.


Advanced trigger and variable usage

Custom Navigation

Custom Design


Articulate Storyline

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe After Effects


Custom Storyline Development

Graphic Design

Instructional Design

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