Hey, I’m Moe Harshaw

Creating an effective eLearning course doesn’t stop with good instructional design. In considering an excellent design, one must also optimize user experience and engagement. Without these considerations, your objective can be lost. My years of experience have taught me to not only be your best behind-the-scene guy, but also create training modules that will mold the best on set as well! Allow me to Elevate your eLearning experience! 

As an eLearning specialist with over 11 years of experience, I’ve gained tremendous knowledge with instructional design from custom course development and templates to software simulation, problem-solution scenarios, compliance training, guided kiosk experiences and much more.

The challenges each project present excites me and like every artist, I am passionate about the process. Through instructional design, storyboard creation, custom development and  Learning Management System (LMS) hosting, I create interactive elements in an inventive format. I understand technical prospects while maintaining the content’s conceptual integrity and special requests of the SME. While I consider myself an Articulate Storyline 360 specialist, I enjoy using other tools to enhance training such as Adobe suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects and Premiere) and occasionally 3D elements. As an alternative to Articulate Storyline 360, I’m also apt in the Articulate Rise.

Let’s talk about your next eLearning project!